The Basics of Poker


Poker is a game in which the player attempts to win the most chips with a hand. The chips are almost always of a certain color. The lowest value is a white chip, while the highest is a red chip. In most games, each player is dealt one white chip and one red chip. If the game requires seven players, the host should provide poker chips for everyone. The chips are worth two, four, or five points, and there are two types of chips: red and white.

Rules of the game

A fundamental aspect of poker is its rules, which govern the game. While these rules are generally followed, there are certain situations in which players are allowed to break them. Such irregularities are rare, but can have a big impact on the game. For example, players are not allowed to give advice to one another or use their chips to influence another player. This is considered collusion and can lead to expulsion from the formal game.